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The Deadly Sins: Best of the East Bay 2006

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Best Dog Walkers: Big-hearted pet pair

Piedmont Avenue Pet Sitters


Sometimes we wonder: When did the pet sitter become such an integral part of our lives? It sort of snuck up on us. For our chow, we figured the best crew equipped to look after our four-legged family member should be a big-hearted, centrally located, happy-go-lucky outfit. We found that at Piedmont Avenue Pet Sitters, owned and operated by Matthew and Karen Kenney. Karen started the biz two years ago after dropping the rat-race life in sales -- she's now a full-time animal lover, what with a Pet CPR certification and a gig as community relations coordinator for the East Bay Pet Sitters Association. With a staff of four and a thriving client base, the crew at Piedmont Pet can handle several daily jaunts to the neighborhood park. They do drop-in's, sleepovers, you name it -- except for boarding! -- and they're open 365 days a year. They'll even administer meds free of charge. Woof.