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If you are looking for doggy daycare /dog sitting we will also take your dog on hikes

Can you recommend a good pet food? We feed our animals a grain free diet. Ingredients are listed by weight. Some ingredients weigh more than others, so keep that in mind. A label that reads "lamb, rice flour, rice bran, brewer's rice..." has way more rice than lamb. Your local pet supply or feed store will carry better quality pet foods than what's in the supermarkets. The exceptions are Paul Newman's line of pet foods, which is a good quality petfood found in supermarkets, Trader Jo's kibble, Kirkland kibble and Nature's Domain kibble and canned from Costco. There are other brands out now, just read the labels.

What you want to look for is a whole meat source or single-source meat meal as one of the first two ingredients (chicken or chicken meal for instance, not poultry meal). If you choose a food with grains, you want whole unprocessed grains like barley or brown rice instead of just rice. Definitely stay away from any corn. Animals cannot digest corn as well as we can and could have tummy problems and weight gain. Make sure your food has vegetables and antioxidents. Keep away from food fragment's such as brewer's rice and wheat bran. Also keep away from meat by-products .

Hallmarks of low-quality food: generic fats or proteins (animal fat is bad, beef fat or chicken fat is good), corn, Artificial preservatives including BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin, artificial colors, propylene glycol, and sweetners like corn syrup, sucrose or ammoniated glycyrrhizin.

Can you recommend a good vet? I like the people at the SPCA clinic on Baldwin Steet, Oakland Vet Hospital in the Laurel District, Holistic Veterinary Care on Piedmont Avenue, Montclair Veterinary Hospital, Creature Comfort in the Dimond District and Park Centre in Alameda. See the Health Care Referrals page for more info

What does a free consultation entail? You come to our home so we can meet you and your dog. This usually takes about 25 minutes. During that time we will answer any questions that you may have, give you a tour, go over the paperwork & vaccination records and interview your dog. Please have your forms filled out prior to the consultation. No forms are needed for Reiki, just cantact Karen to set up an appointment.

When I walk my dog, he/she pulls me down the street. Can you recommend a better leash or harness? We like the Sense-ation/ Sense-able, Easy Walk & Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses. I also recommend ALL small dogs wear harnesses because they are prone to get collapsed trachaeas from pulling in a regular collar. A martingale collar is nice too for dogs that don't really pull much. We DO NOT like chain or pinch/ prong collars. They do more damage than good! Your dog will pull anyway; with these collars he/she can damage their tracheas.

How can I be a better pet guardian? I recommend that EVERY pet guardian take the Pet CPR and First Aid class offered by the Red Cross or Pet Tech. More info on Links pg. 1.