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Piedmont Pet

"For over ten years, Karen, Matt, and staff at Piedmont Pet have been caring for our dogs.  Some were not easy to care for as they were older and infirm.  Karen had to give insulin shots to one of our Dachshunds whenever she house sat over night.  Some of the over nights lasted close to two weeks at a stretch while we were away out of country.  Karen and company did a beautiful job of caring for our two doxies.  But now we have Boots, who absolutely adores Karen because she takes her and a pack of others on long, leash-less walks to wild and wonderful places.   While we are away on extended vacations, some out of country, Karen and staff walk Boots each day and stay over night with her at our place.  I know Boots enjoys those visits as she's always a happy, but exhausted girl when we get back.  She gets a lot of exercise with Karen around.  Karen always has our pet's well being in mind; she frequently asks for Boots' jacket when its cold out, or she'll remind us to ensure Boots has had tick and flea meds.   Their prices and fees are competitive.  Karen, Matt, and the Piedmont Pet staff are highly recommended."

Duane S

"Karen and Matt have been walking my dog Sugar 3-4 times a week for two years now.  They are communicative and reliable, and I completely trust them.  My dog gets to socialize, go on trail hikes, and play at the beach while I am at work, which certainly helps to lesson my guilt at not being home during the day.  And it's great to see the photos of all the dogs having a great time!  Karen has also looked after my cat Buddy for me, which was very helpful especially since it was on a bit of short notice.  I definitely recommend Piedmont Pet."


Lisa T


"I have been with Piedmont Pet for a few years now and I can't say enough good things about them. Karen and Matt not only love and care for the dogs, but they are also very knowledgeable about their health needs and overall wellbeing. I feel very lucky in knowing that my pet is in such great hands everyday, thanks to Karen and Matt. They're such a great team. They send awesome pictures of the pups in some amazing spots; the hikes are a true adventure for the dogs. My little guy comes back exhausted everyday. In addition. Piedmont Pet's rates are very reasonable and you get so much more than your typical dog walk. Highly recommended!"

Samy H